One Card Wonder

A short and straightforward one card tarot reading sent to your email to help you make a quick, empowering decision in your life.

Hey, girl!

Is this what you’re thinking right now?

  • “I have a quick question that needs only a simple explanation.”
  • “I know the answer to my problem, but I just need a confirmation.” 
  • “I need help with my problem, but I am not comfortable talking about it face-to-face.”

If you’re saying “YES”, to all of those, then Foxglove Tarot’s One Card Wonder is the right fit for you!

Sometimes all you need is just a quick confirmation on whether you're doing the right thing. Your gut knows what to do, but you still need someone else to push you through. Let me slide into your inbox and give you the big "You go, girl!" that you've been seeking for, so you can finally stop thinking and start doing!

 One Card Wonder is an email-based tarot reading designed to give you a brief insight into a simple question or problem in your life. I will assist you on a yes/no question or any question that requires little explanation. This reading will only take 5 minutes to read and will not require any face-to-face meeting. 

How it works

Get your One Card Wonder in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Fill Out The Booking Form  

Step 2: Make A Payment  

Step 3: Wait for the Email Confirmation  

Step 4: Receive your One Card Wonder in 3 x 24 hrs  

What you will receive

Email Reading A 150-200 words One Card Wonder Reading delivered straight to your inbox, so you can read it all year long!

Tarot Cards Picture Your personalized tarot cards picture, carefully stylized to match the energy of your reading! 

Meet your host!

Hi, I'm Prameswari!

I am a tarot reader, spiritual practitioner, and an apprentice in Foxglove Tarot based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  

As a social worker with a background in psychology, and human rights issues, I understand the depth and richness of human emotions and experiences.  

I started my spiritual journey when I received my first tarot deck back when I was 12 years old. With more than 10 years of experience in tarot reading, I have opened up myself to learn more about spirituality and be in more in touch with my higher-self ever since.  

I believe that empowerment comes from within, and I hope I can help you find your long lost inner voice.  

Let's find our way home, together.

Everything happens for a reason

Let's figure out why!

Want to know if this is THE reading for you?


You should get the reading if…

  • You have a simple question that requires a simple explanation
  • You need a confirmation about a specific issue in your life
  • You are more comfortable corresponding via email than face-to-face

The reading isn't for you if…

  •  You expect an in-depth evaluation of your current problem or situation have a specific question that you want to ask me (I would recommend one of the live reading sessions for you, such as Love and Relationship Reading or Career Reading)
  • You would like to have an in-person reading session with me (Coffee Talk Reading may be a better option for you!)


 Got questions? We've got you covered!

  • What kind of question can I ask? Any question that can be answered with a simple yes/no. If you're not sure whether your question can be answered with a One-Card-Wonder service, email me your question and I will assist you in phrasing the right question.  
  • How many tarot cards will your draw? One card.  
  • Can I ask more than one question? Only one question is allowed per one card reading. If you have more than one question, consider purchasing more than one One-Card-Wonder service accordingly.  
  • When can I expect to receive the reading? I'll send you the answer within 3x24 hours once I have received your payment and your question.  
  • What language will you use to deliver the reading? The reading can be done in English or Bahasa Indonesia. By default, I will be using English, kindly specify in your form if you prefer to receive the reading in Bahasa Indonesia.  
  • Do I get the chance to speak to you? I'm afraid not. But you'll get to keep the answer that I've written for you! How cool is that? If you would like to work with me personally, consider the Coffee Talk Reading with me.  
  • I have a follow-up question after I receive the One-Card-Wonder reading. I don't correspond after I send you the email. But if you're interested to discuss your question, please book the Coffee Talk Reading for a live chat with me! A lot of my clients have benefited more from live session because it helps to talk about their problem and get the answer straight away.  
  • Do you offer a refund? We do not offer refund for this service. All purchases are final.

See what they have to say about working with me!

"Having a tarot session with Prameswari was definitely the right thing to do for me. After talking to her, I felt such a great relief in my heart. She was so understanding, and I felt really safe talking to her."

- Alexandria (Indonesia)

"Mesmerizing and insightful. Prameswari's reading, has been a very supportive presence during my daily reading experience with her. Would definitely recommend her for anyone who's having their rainy days."

- Razan (Indonesia)

Receive clarity right in your inbox!

$8 or Rp 80,000 for one question (price in USD)